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How to style linen clothing for spring

The British winter never seems to transition into spring. There always seem to be a few warmer days, then a slip back into winter weather, followed by a warm spell, and just when you think it’s time for the spring wardrobe, it snows! That is why those days between late February and early April can be a bit tricky to dress for. Luckily, there’s a wonder fabric that will help you through these unpredictable times – linen.

Linen is a light, breathable fabric that’s easy to care for and layer. What makes it particularly attractive as a garment fabric is that it can be smooth, tailored and formal, like a blouse or shirt, or loose-fitting and unfussy, making it perfect for an informal dress or tunic.

Here’s a quick guide on how to style your linen fashion during this transitional time of year.


How to wear a tunic essential

Let’s start with perhaps the most versatile of all the linen ranges – the white linen tunic. It can be worn like a T-shirt or an informal summer shirt, so styling is fresh, easy and laid back.

The most informal and practical style is the white tunic over jeans. It doesn’t matter if the jeans are indigo blue, faded blue, black or brown – the white tunic looks easy-going and relaxed. You can layer it over a vest or wear it under a long jacket or raincoat if it’s a little chilly or wet, and you’ll never need to worry about overheating or getting the springtime shivers.

On cooler days, you can accompany the look with white trainers or flat shoes, but the jeans and tunic combo will work perfectly well with low or high heels, whichever you prefer. Finish it all with a few accessories such as beads, a necklace, a few bangles and a shoulder bag or tote, and that’s it – you’re ready to face the world.

If you prefer a splash of colour in your tunic, blue is the perfect colour, reminiscent of the springtime sky. The Alison soft blue tunic isn’t too dark to wear with blue or black jeans and trainers, just as above, so you don’t have to shift your wardrobe around too much to wear it. We would avoid light blue jeans, though, as the look could veer into “double denim” territory, although the fabric is quite different.

What you can do with a blue tunic, however, is pair it with a pair of white jeans for a sleek, elegant look. Again, heels, flat shoes or trainers will look the part, as you’re not going for an overly formal appearance here. The three-quarter length sleeves are perfect for showing off your favourite bracelets, especially if they are in red or rose gold, so the look doesn’t have to be devoid of glam, even if it’s casual.

Finally, you can opt for a linen tunic in a darker shade for a little more density and impact. Navy blue, like the Eloise, gives you a few more colour options with jeans, trousers or leggings. This time, your indigo jeans are best avoided, but your options are much broader apart from that.

White works and has a spring-like charm, but yellow or pink trousers look beautiful with this top, especially if they’re in a pastel shade. A brown works, too – try sandy brown or a more muted walnut, something at the lighter end of the scale so it contrasts with the darker blue of the tunic. You can stick with the white trainers, but going for a dark colour will balance out the top with your lighter trousers—Accessorise in silver for maximum impact.

Eloise also comes in a natural light brown colour, perfect for the range of jeans, from white to black and all shades of blue. It looks pretty smart but never formal and is a cool, relaxed colour to wear on those springtime days when the sun is doing its best to pierce the clouds.

Linen dresses – elegant and comfortable

There’s nothing quite like a beautiful linen dress's free, eye-catching look. It says spring is here, and you’ll enjoy every minute of it. Whether you’re meeting friends for coffee, going to a bar in the evening, or just lounging around the home and contemplating your garden, you’ll never feel out of place in a linen dress.

Just like the tunic, we should start with the most basic of colours – white. The white linen dress says so much about springtime in all its bright, flowing beauty. It’s usually best to keep it minimal – just a pair of trainers, espadrilles, sandals or sliders and perhaps a layer underneath. Tights are optional but stick with bare legs for the coolest spring vibe. The white dress will benefit from a more pronounced set of accessories, whether chunky beads, wide bangles or a light scarf, and don’t forget a pair of sunglasses for that French Riviera look. 

If you prefer colour, you’ll never struggle in that department. Linen dresses look fantastic in blue, emerald or pink, so find the colour that complements your skin tone, and you’re good to go. As the weather and temperature can change by quite a few degrees over the course of a spring day, you can be prepared by wearing a smart blazer – blue works with most of the pastel shades – which you can put away in your bag or hang up when you’re indoors. 

If you prefer a slightly more casual jacket, consider a denim jacket, preferably a shorter model, reaching no further down than the small of your back, and leave it open to show off the dress in all its glory.


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As you’ve seen, linen is the coolest, most casual fabric to pull on in springtime. It looks wonderful in any colour, and you're good to go with a little accessorising and the right footwear choice. Why not find your perfect linen dress or tunic here?