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Whether you're looking for a classic darcy-striped jumper or something a little bolder, a striped jumper is always chic, and we have the colour and silhouette to suit your mood.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below for answers to our most frequently asked questions.

At Luella, we design and make our striped jumpers in a range of materials, and some of them are cashmere blends, while others are mainly cotton, merino or linen (usually blended).

Cashmere is loved for its softness, warmth and breathability, but for some worries about washing can be off-putting, we’ve put together this handy care guide to help overcome any concerns Cashmere Care.  Some people may still prefer a cotton knit jumper. Luella is always about choice, so make sure you look at the product info for materials.

Stripes always add interest and focus to an outfit, so it’s best to go understated with the rest of your clothing when you wear a striped top. 

 Jeans will always work, as will linen pants or leggings. As for trouser colours, try and pick a colour that isn’t one of the main stripe colours.  However, if there’s a minor colour in a multi-colour striped top (for example the blue in this jumper), it's a good idea to use that colour to pick out a colour for trousers or jeans.

Striped jumpers are almost always a versatile form of dress, so wear it while you’re out and about or at parties and other social events. 

 Light striped tops can be worn under a blazer as long as they are not too warm – the stripes showing between the lapels can be quite a striking look, and can make the outfit a little more formal, while still being relaxed. 


Jeans, trousers or leggings all work, with boots, wedges or trainers on your feet. Check out our handy blog for more ideas of how to wear stripes.